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What happened?!

Hello, cherished reader. As you can see, the site looks like shit. All the comics are gone, and there are cryptic admonishments about widgets everywhere. Long story short, I hit “update to the latest version” of WordPress for the first time since 2009. This activated the self-destruct sequence, which resulted in 14 years of comics getting sucked into space. All is not lost. I’m going to rebuild the site, hopefully in a way that makes it more convenient to look at on a smartphone. Maybe I’ll even allow comments this time. One thing’s for sure, I’m not letting this site die. All my comics say on them! The site must exist. Until everything looks normal again, please continue reading new Berkeley Mews comics on GoComics and Tapas, and follow me on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter. Definitely support me on Patreon, I post exclusive comics from my sketchbook there all the time. And buy Sorry I Ruined Your Childhood and How Not to Get into Heaven. Unlike my website, these books will always have comics in them. Extra-special thanks to the following Patreon members: Alex Norris, Julian Dinges, Kamala Squires-Henry, Matt DeMartini, Claudia Majuri, John Nolan, John R. Mayne, Ripta Pasay, Brion Vibber, Katze, commoncookie, Helen Latham, Antoine Wojdyla, Jinnai, Dominick, Sa’adia Massarano, Ferdinand Keil, Tiffany Blaho, Patrick, Frank, Jarred Rhodes, T.L. Steinbroner, George, guru266, Mitch Harding, Alexandra Novak, James Pelcis, Chris Frochaux, Elinor D Fox, James Leitch, Rene Nunez, Erik, Tami Arnett, Robby Cowell, Daniel Almas, Eric Hu, Peter Fox, Skylar Beavers, Scott Wegner, Eric Schooff, Kayla Neumann, and Supreme Nachos. Oh and if you need to get in touch: